Why Glenlowren Is the Ultimate Choice for Your Next Business Event

Elevate Your Next Business Event at Glenlowren

Conference Venue Victoria

Are you seeking a conference venue Victoria that meets and exceeds your expectations? Look no further than Glenlowren, a unique location in the breathtaking Yarra Valley. Offering an idyllic setting for your next corporate event, this luxurious venue seamlessly combines productivity, creativity, and collaboration. Here’s why Glenlowren stands out as a top Yarra Valley conference venue.

Exemplary Luxury

At Glenlowren, you’ll discover the finest in comfort and elegance. The unique Farmstead is thoughtfully designed to inspire creativity. Every detail cultivates an ideal environment for productive team discussions and collaborations. With eight distinctive bedrooms, each accompanied by an ensuite bathroom, you’ll find personal space and uncompromised luxury at every turn.

Superior Meeting Facility

Whether you’re planning a board meeting, a strategy session, or a team-building retreat, Glenlowren’s dedicated meeting space, The Old Dairy, offers a perfect solution. Comfortably accommodating up to 30 people, this light-filled space encourages focused collaborations and intimate discussions. Bathed in natural light and boasting stunning farm views, The Old Dairy provides a versatile space that fosters focus and productivity. The Old Dairy is an add-on to your conference accommodation booking.

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Inspiring Surroundings

What sets Glenlowren apart is its stunning Yarra Valley location. The Farmstead’s rural backdrop is a unique and inspiring environment for productive brainstorming and strategic sessions. Explore scenic walks, harvest fresh produce, or enjoy wildlife encounters right on the property, providing an unparalleled opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Tailored Accommodation

Understanding and catering to diverse business needs is paramount at Glenlowren. With single occupancy, the venue can accommodate up to 11 guests or up to 27 on a share basis across three unique accommodation options. Whether it’s the exquisite blend of luxury and functionality at The Farmstead or the serene retreat offered by The Nissen Hut and The Cottage, you’ll find a variety of settings tailored to fit your corporate needs.

conference venue victoriaUnforgettable Experiences

The Farmstead offers more than just a meeting space. From the picturesque outdoor courtyard to the multi-sports court, every feature is designed to create a memorable experience. Enjoy group meals at dining tables accommodating up to 28, or relax at the cosy firepit within the courtyard. Every corner of Glenlowren invites relaxation and renewal, making it a sanctuary for corporate retreats.

Customised Catering Options

Food plays an essential role in any event, and Glenlowren provides a curated list of offsite catering companies to meet your specific culinary needs. Whether it’s a gourmet BBQ or a formal dinner party, you can select a caterer that aligns with your preferences.

Conveniently Located

Just an hour’s drive from Melbourne, Glenlowren’s convenient location makes it an accessible getaway from the bustling city. Plus, with ample free on-site parking, the logistics are simple and stress-free.

Glenlowren offers an unparalleled conference venue in Victoria. Its luxurious interiors, versatile meeting facilities, inspiring surroundings, and tailored accommodation make it an exceptional choice for your next corporate gathering. Experience the unique blend of productivity and relaxation at Glenlowren, and uncover your team’s potential in the inspiring setting of Yarra Valley. Book your next conference venue Victoria today, and elevate your business event at Glenlowren.

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