Sharing Our Sanctuary With You

Nestled in the heart of the Yarra Valley

Meet your hosts Tinne & Pieter


After years of living in the suburbs of Melbourne, we found ourselves yearning to reconnect with nature and ourselves. We began by searching for a new location in the stunning Yarra Valley.

From our very first visit, we felt an immediate connection to Glenlowren. There was a certain magic that we experienced and couldn’t quite explain, but we knew we had found our new home. Although the 100-acre property has passed through many generations and was in need of some restoration, this beautiful corner of the Yarra Valley holds a timeless bond with the land which spoke to us.

As we started to settle into our new surrounds, we felt a strong desire to share the connection we felt for this wonderful place with others. We wanted to invite people to experience the tranquillity, beauty and spirit of our property that we love so much, but the question was, how would we do that?

The concept and vision of Glenlowren was born – to create a thriving sanctuary that honours the earth and history of the property. We began rejuvenating the place, working in harmony with the land and buildings while incorporating new ideas, styles and little touches to make it our own.

We thoughtfully renovated the buildings to preserve their unique history; the Nissen Hut’s vaulted ceiling, the rustic charm of the 19thC Settler’s Cottage and the snug Garden Suite, once part of the old schoolhouse. With the help of landscape designer, Alowyn Gardens, we planted gardens and wetlands to encourage native wildlife to live on the property.

Today, Glenlowren offers sophisticated yet down-to-earth accommodation amid the spectacular beauty of the landscape. With every seed planted, brick laid and cushion placed, we have lovingly built a haven from the earth up with our own hands, creating a home we are proud to share with you.

Our home is your haven.

What’s in a name?

We had the idea and now we needed a unique and fitting name.

Glenlowren, pronounced Glen-lor-ren, is derived from three things and takes inspiration from what is all around us – the land, the history and the wildlife.

The location of the property in a secluded, tranquil glen of the Yarra Valley.

The first two letters of our family name, Looringh van Beeck, which by happy coincidence we share with the past owners, the Lorimers.

A little nod to the stunning wildlife, being the small, lively, blue headed wren bird that resides on the property.

We took all of these parts, that represent the essence of the property and its people, and combined them to create ‘Glenlowren’.

Explore the magic of Glenlowren

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