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Family Reunion Accommodation Victoria

Discover Glenlowren’s Stunning Group Accommodation

Family Reunion Accommodation Victoria

Family reunions are more than just gatherings; they’re opportunities to create lasting memories with loved ones. Finding the perfect venue that caters to everyone’s needs can be challenging. But in the heart of Yarra Valley, Glenlowren is a premium choice for family reunion accommodation in Victoria. Let’s delve into what makes this idyllic retreat so unique.

North and South Wings Can Be Booked Separately.

Why Glenlowren?

Highly Rated Comfort in a Beautiful Location

Glenlowren has earned a 5-star Google rating, making it a top choice for families, friends, and groups seeking a memorable stay. Our accommodation caters to various group needs and offers a unique experience in the peaceful Yarra Valley. Whether you’re planning a family reunion or a group getaway, we provide a setting that combines natural beauty with comfortable amenities.

A Perfect Blend of Nature and Comfort

Our property is surrounded by rolling hills and natural beauty, creating an ideal environment for relaxation and connection. Inside, you’ll find well-designed spaces that prioritise your comfort and enjoyment.
There’s something for everyone here. Walk through our scenic grounds, pick fresh produce from our garden, spot local wildlife, or enjoy our multi-sports court. For larger groups, we offer additional accommodation options like The Nissen Hut and The Cottage, ensuring everyone in your party has a comfortable place to stay.

Family Reunion Accommodation Victoria

A Country Retreat

Glenlowren is your ideal retreat set in the beautiful Yarra Valley. Our hundred-acre working farm adds a special touch to your family’s stay. Enjoy locally-sourced breakfast ingredients and get up close with friendly farm animals. Our spaces encourage interaction and strengthen bonds, while also ensuring everyone has space to relax.

The fun doesn’t stop at our property. Famous wineries, food trails, and stunning nature reserves are all nearby, making each day of your stay an adventure.

Unique Experiences at Glenlowren

The Farmstead combines luxury with practicality, which makes it ideal for family reunions and special gatherings. It comfortably sleeps up to 21 guests across 8 unique bedrooms with bathrooms, offering a stay that blends beauty, comfort, and peace.

The South Wing and North Wing each have 4 well-appointed bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Shared spaces and dining areas are great for family meals and celebrations, and the lovely outdoor courtyard smoothly connects indoor and outdoor areas.

Walks, fresh produce from our garden, wildlife spotting, and a multi-sports court offer unique experiences for all ages.

For larger groups, The Nissen Hut and The Settler’s Cottage provide additional accommodation options, enhancing the overall Glenlowren experience.

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Family Reunion Accommodation in Victoria

Exploring the Vibrant Yarra Valley

Glenlowren is more than just a place to stay; it’s where memories are made. With our blend of nature, comfort, unique accommodation, and varied experiences, your family reunion in Victoria promises to be unforgettable.

Ready to plan your next family reunion at Glenlowren? Book Now and experience the best of the Yarra Valley, filled with unforgettable moments waiting for your family.