Discover the natural wonders of the Yarra Valley with our specially crafted Nature Lover’s Itinerary from Glenlowren. Our 100-acre working farm offers a unique blend of rural charm and easy access to the region’s most stunning landscapes. Wake up to birdsong, spot native wildlife on your doorstep, and use Glenlowren as your base to explore the Valley’s lush forests, award-winning gardens, and scenic trails.

Stay at Glenlowren

At Glenlowren, we offer three distinct accommodation options to suit your needs. Choose from the uniquely designed Nissen Hut, perfect for couples or small families, the beautifully restored 19th-century Settler’s Cottage for a romantic getaway, or our luxurious Farmstead for larger groups. Each option provides a comfortable haven surrounded by natural beauty, ensuring you have the perfect base for your Yarra Valley nature adventure.

3-Day Yarra Valley Itinerary

Your Gateway to Tranquil Farm Life in the Yarra Valley

Glenlowren isn’t just a place to stay—it’s a large working farm that invites you to immerse yourself in nature. Here, you’ll have unprecedented access to farm life, from picking your own produce to spotting native wildlife on your doorstep. This unique Yarra Valley experience combines country living charm with easy access to the region’s famed state parks, gardens, and culinary hotspots. Whether wandering our wildlife corridor, savouring farm-fresh meals, or exploring nearby natural wonders, Glenlowren offers an authentic taste of the Yarra Valley that you won’t find anywhere else.

Day 1: Arrival and Exploration

Farm Walk: Embark on a 2km loop walk around our Land for Wildlife corridor. Spot kangaroos, wombats, and echidnas, along with a variety of birdlife.

Dinner: Opt for a self-catered meal using Glenlowren’s seasonal farm produce or dine out at local favourites such as Balgownie Estate or the Yarra Valley Grand.

Insider Tips

Visit Yarra Glen supermarket for an excellent selection of local produce and diverse food options. Perfect for stocking up on fresh ingredients.

Day 2: Local Walks

Toolangi State Forest Walking Trails

Option 1: Wirrawilla Walk

Start with a leisurely and wheelchair-accessible stroll through the cool temperate rainforest on the Wirrawilla Walk. It’s an easy and refreshing way to enjoy the forest’s tranquil beauty.

Option 2: Tanglefoot Loop

‘For those seeking a more challenging hike, the Tanglefoot Loop offers a deeper exploration through towering Mountain Ash forests and lush fern gullies. This 10km trail takes about 4 hours and features short steep hills.


Return to Glenlowren for a relaxed afternoon. Try your hand at picking fresh produce in the gardens, challenge friends on the sports court, or simply enjoy the calm farm setting. Perfect for unwinding after your morning adventures.


Enjoy another evening of delicious local cuisine at No. 7, Healesville or a relaxing meal at your home-away-from-home

Insider Tips

Visit Yarra Glen supermarket for an excellent selection of local produce and diverse food options. Perfect for stocking up on fresh ingredients.

Day 3: Gardens, Forests & Cycling

Choose one or more of these activities

Edible Forest Yarra Valley: Experience the innovative 1-acre food forest that merges sustainability with practicality. Available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Alowyn Gardens: Explore the 7-acre award-winning gardens designed over 25 years, featuring nine unique styles and the Wisteria Cafe. Open daily.

Maroondah Reservoir Park: Enjoy a scenic walk along the dam wall and Edna Walling-style landscaping.

Californian Redwood Forest: Spend a day amidst the towering redwoods, an hour’s drive from Glenlowren, with lunch in quaint Warburton Village.

Cycling Adventure: Rent a bike from Cog Bike Australia and tour the scenic Yarra Valley trails. Then, have a leisurely lunch at a local winery like Oakridge or Dominique Portet.

Insider Tips

On your way back to Glenlowren, stop at the cellar door of Punt Road Wines.

Stay Another Day

If you have time, consider staying an extra day to explore Phillip Johnson’s Chelsea Garden in Olinda, a charming village about 50 minutes from Glenlowren. This award-winning garden, a large-scale replica of the ‘Australian Garden’ from the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show, features a waterfall, billabong, and boardwalk. It’s set across various levels and microclimates, showcasing over 15,000 plants from 400 species, representing the diverse and seasonal beauty of Australian flora.

Yarra Valley Packing Guide

Be Prepared for All Seasons

The Yarra Valley’s weather can be as diverse as its landscapes. Known for its “four seasons in one day” climate, It’s best to come prepared for sudden changes. Whether you’re exploring Glenlowren’s farm walks or venturing into nearby forests, layering is key. This packing list will help you stay comfortable in our variable weather, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the Valley’s natural beauty year-round.

Winter (June to August)

  • Warm, waterproof jacket
  • Layers (thermal underwear, fleece, sweaters)
  • Waterproof hiking boots
  • Warm socks
  • Gloves, scarf, and beanie
  • Umbrella
  • Daypack for walks
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Binoculars for wildlife spotting

Spring (September to November)

  • Light jacket or raincoat
  • Layers (t-shirts, shirts, light sweaters)
  • Comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots
  • Sun hat and sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Daypack
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Camera for capturing spring blooms

Summer (December to February)

  • Light, breathable clothing
  • Sun hat and sunglasses
  • High SPF sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Light raincoat (for occasional showers)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Swimwear (for potential water activities)
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Daypack
  • Portable fan or misting bottle

Autumn (March to May)

  • Light jacket or windbreaker
  • Layers (long-sleeved shirts, light sweaters)
  • Comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots
  • Sun hat and sunglasses
  • Light gloves and scarf (for cooler mornings/evenings)
  • Daypack
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Camera for capturing autumn colours

All Seasons

  • Sturdy, comfortable shoes for farm walks
  • Binoculars for wildlife viewing
  • Reusable shopping bag for farm produce
  • Field guide or nature identification app
  • First-aid kit
  • Power bank for electronic devices