“Old country sheds reflect the charm of a by-gone era!

The sun greyed wooden ribs of the leaning buildings, together with their earthy brown coloured rusty tin cladding, blend in completely with the surrounding gum trees. The seemingly rickety structures hold together remarkably well against gusty strong winds and heavy down pours, and so continue to be a living testament to the skills of those who built them many years ago.” 

Here at Glenlowren, we have one of these rustic old relics.

It is a small outhouse that is currently used as a wood storage shed. The four yellow wood corner posts are still as sturdy as the day they were built in the 1930’s.  The roofing beams are however showing clear signs of aging and the coloured rusty tin roof is progressively blowing off in sections. The earth floor beneath the timber wood pile, is perforated with rabbit warrens.

The shed, which acted as a garage, was at the time used to house the old family Ford; where the wooden spoke axle of the car is still on the property.

Situated in close proximity to the old garage and family homestead (now Glenlowren Bed and Breakfast accommodation) is a domed water well, which provided water for the family and their small dairy business. The well is still intact today. Whilst the water is no longer used for drinking and washing purposes, the well is full, and could likely provide a refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day.

Some tender loving care together with a few reclaimed sheets of old rusty tin, a roofing beam or two and a protected reclaimed floor, would result in lengthening the life of the old shed for many more years to come – that is, if the heavy pine branch above it does not let go and so crush this charming, little old relic!